The Entrepreneurial Spirt – A Way of Life

Let’s begin our discussion by defining the meaning of each word separately followed by an explanation of how the individual word is applicable to the whole term. Once you have a complete understanding of their individual meaning, you will be better equipped to comprehend the term as a whole. Many people have many different ideas and beliefs about the entrepreneurial spirit and while this is simply my interpretation of the same, I fully believe it is one of the most concise and accurate.

Webster’s dictionary defines an entrepreneur as; “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” We get the word entrepreneur from the French word entreprendre, meaning to undertake. The word spirit comes to us from the Latin word spiritus, which literally means breath. One of Webster’s many definitions of the word spirit is listed as; “a person having a character or disposition of specified nature.” I can’t begin to tell you how powerful this description of the word spirit is. However, I will make an attempt. By putting the two words together, you should see that having an entrepreneurial spirit is much more than a description of a feeling or sensation, but rather a personality trait or the designation of one’s innermost character. Identifying yourself as an entrepreneur is simply a title that you may carry but it truly has no real value or purpose other than a title. Similar titles like president, chairman, or director merely denote a person’s status or position but there is no true assessment of that person as it relates to their character or personality. So having an entrepreneurial spirit defines a person’s innermost character trait and its reference is much more than a title. Allow me to further elaborate on the efficacy of the word spirit as it is used in relation to an entrepreneur. To accomplish this task we’ll draw from an analogy of another type of spirit you’ve probably heard of.

In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is described as an invisible being of God that lives within the believers of Jesus Christ as their savior. The term Christian can be described as a person who believes in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross as the atoning sacrifice for our transgressions so that we might have eternal life, and that he is the Son of God. For a better understanding, let’s probe a little deeper into this Spirit so that you may glean a better perception of its importance.

All Christians believe that since the fall of Adam and Eve, every person born into the world bears a sinful nature or spirit. Once they accept Jesus Christ as their savior, that sinful spirit is then replaced by the Holy Spirit and their character and behavior changes to one that is more focused and fulfilled by living each day for God. Of course, this complete change doesn’t happen all at once. Once the Holy Spirit is received by the willful act of confessing one’s sins followed by repentance for those sins, then those past sins have been forgiven, but now the new believer has to grow in Christ as the Holy Spirit gives direction to the believer to develop and mature. The word spirit, as it is mentioned here, is also not simply a title, feeling or impulse. It’s even more than a way of life, but life itself and an abundance of life in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. It becomes the innermost part of who you are.

Like the Holy Spirit, an entrepreneurial spirit has to be in place if you hope to have any lasting success and growth in your business. To attempt a business venture without it would be futile. It would be like diving into the deep end of a pool without having first learned to swim from the shallow end. Not a very wise decision to say the least. The entrepreneurial spirit also has a development process in order to grow and mature in the world of business ownership. Without it, one could quite possibly wander and drift and ultimately give up in frustration from a lack of understanding and guidance. It is imperative to have the proper spirit to better enable you to accomplish your desires in business. I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of having an entrepreneurial spirit as the foundation of your future in business. As with any project or goal that you undertake, there has to be a starting point that will enable you measure and assess your progress. The spirit of entrepreneurship just happens to be that starting point for any business leader. The main emphasis for you as an entrepreneur is to know and understand that the entrepreneurial spirit does exist and that you can trust its guidance in your business development.

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